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Porting cylinder heads has long been a right of passage for serious hot rodders looking to add power on a modest budget. Check out this Tech: Port It Yourself article - GM High-Tech Performance. StoreFront / Cylinder Head Parts & Services / Gen 3-4 LS / Cylinder Head Services / CNC Port LS2/LS6/Truck 243, 799, 317, 035 Cylinder Heads PAIR Previous Product Next Product. Cathedral port cylinder heads have been mistakenly dismissed by many in LS-series circles for being “old-tech.” However, their thin cross section allows for a high-velocity and smaller-volume runner design with excellent flow. For a street car, this design means excellent throttle response, torque and average power. This Tech Tip is From the Full Book, HIGH-PERFORMANCE. Cylinder Head Services Livernois offers something that most of our competition just can't match, complete in house cylinder head development from start to finish. There are a lot of shops that offering porting, or CNC porting, or cylinder head machining.

Reiterating, the internet is a valuable tool for the novice. A professional engine shop offering head-porting services is equipped with flow benches, air probes, volume measuring tools, and a litany of high-tech tools. Probably the most valued tool a racing engine shop provides is experience. Trick Flow 215cc GM LS Cylinder Heads, PN: TEA-LS215TF-CUSTOM. GM's LS engines are the hottest thing to hit the scene since Chevy debuted the first smallblock back in 1955. These fully CNC ported 215cc heads are specifically designed for $2,395.00Price. 5 Axis CNC Head Porting Service At Direct Motion, we use our own machine tool control technology in house for 5 Axis Head Porting & Digitizing. We are the largest, most effecient, and accurate CNC head porting operation in the world. We have 19 years of experience in CNC porting and port 100s of heads weekly. Fixturing, digitizing, modeling. PRC LS3, L92, & LSA CNC Cylinder Head Porting. Porting cylinder heads generally refers to the process of enlarging the intake and exhaust ports of an engines cylinder heads. Porting is usually done to increase airflow and horsepower at high RPM. Heads with smaller ports – un-ported – usually provide better low-end torque than ported heads.

Porting Services. Flow Test Cylinder Heads: $25 Basic Port Match Intake Manifolds: $100 Full Port Intake Manifold: $600 Extreme Intake Manifold Porting: $900 This is for trying to get the absolute most out of your intake Full Port Job Cylinder Heads: $900 for aluminum small block $950 for big block includes valve job Extreme Port Job for Cylinder Heads:$1500 for aluminum. Acid Porting uses chemical treatments to enlarge the intake ports, which maximizes air flow & increases intake volume, while maintaining a stock appearance. SST Head Porting. Our “SST Porting” is for applications where porting the head is allowed and, because of the application, the cylinder head just doesn’t need to be fully 100% ported. FED LS3 Porting Service From a heads cam LS build to a moderate power adder street car. Our Stage 1 GM square port porting services are EXACTLY what your ride needs to put the power to the ground. We will also seek out all possible information of the build to better provide the best service and parts for your project. This expedited service allows you or your installation shop to have all the parts in hand to complete a CNC ported head install without the down time and hassle of waiting on ported heads. Services. Mike’s Racing Heads is a full service machine shop that specializes in the high performance motorsports market. With Over 30 years of experience, we have the knowledge and technology to ensure that you dominate at the racetrack. Cylinder Head & Manifold Porting.

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Performance CNC specializes in Precise Reverse Engineering of Racing Cylinder Head Ports and Chambers and the precise machining of Master Model Details using 5-Axis CNC Equipment. Join the Private Label Porting Program: We keep your Name and Design Confidential. No Questions Asked. Approximately 95% of our customers have joined our Private Label Program. Katech Expands Cylinder Head Porting Services to Include LS Engines Expansion part of strategic vision to provide ported engine systems later this year Katech Inc., one of the world’s premier performance engine builders, has expanded its line of proprietary CNC cylinder head porting services for several late-model General Motors LS/LT engines, including LS1, LS2, LS3, []. Ultimate LS Rectangular Port Cylinder Heads Guide September 21, 2015 by LS Engine DiY Rectangular port heads boast a clear advantage in the flow department and are ideal for high-RPM, big-cubic-inch, and purpose-built drag racing applications. StoreFront / Cylinder Head Parts & Services / Gen 3-4 LS / Cylinder Head Services / CNC Port LS1/Truck 241, 806, 853 Cylinder Heads PAIR Next Product View Enlarged Image. RHS is the leading developer of high performance cylinder heads, engine blocks, intake manifolds and related components for street performance and race engines Racing Head Service RHS JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

And while concerns about durability are logical – porting does remove some material, after all – Parker says the ported heads go through the same rigorous testing as the unported heads do. “The CNC head has passed all of our durability testing. Ultimately there is relatively small amount of material removed – just enough to smooth out. Race Flow Development specializes in getting the most out of your engine for Road Race, Circle track and Drag Racing applications. RFD is a full service machine shop and uses only the best equipment. We have a full 5-Axis Simultaneous CnC machine with Centroid control. Rottler Seat & Guide machine, T&S surfacer, Saenz & custom flowbenches. RFD is a custom shop and each and every cylinder head. This does not affect our ability to Mill cylinder heads to desired combustion chamber size OR the option to have your cylinder heads assembled in house prior to shipment. If you have placed an order with our sales team or on our website prior to the 2/1/2019 end date, the services you requested will be completely fulfilled. We appreciate your. Product Description. By combining our own cylinder head knowledge and experience, extensive computer simulations, many hours of flow bench testing, consultation with race teams and engine building specialists, CHI have developed a number of CNC porting programs for the LS series of cylinder heads.

Black Label LS Cylinder heads are the highest quality best performing cylinder heads on the market for the LS platform. All of our Black Label heads feature.750" thick decks, 6 bolts per cylinder clamping force and are cast and machined in the USA! Choose your vehicle by selecting it in the "filter by" option. SHOP SERVICES MACHINE SHOP Need a valve job, milling services, welding, cleaning, or other cylinder head machine work? Total Engine Airflow is a full service cylinder head machine shop. Standard Shop Labor rate $75.00 per Hour Custom Serdi Valve job $175.00 and up Grind seats, margins,backcuts on valves $2.00 ea and up Remove and replace valve guides $4.00 ea. Diamond hone guide $4. Reference HotRod online, see link below for pictures and dyno charts Loyal HRM readers will no doubt remember our "Ultimate Chevy LS Cylinder Head Test" in the Dec. '10 issue in which we tested 11 different LS1/LS6 cathedral-port-style heads. In this issue we're doing the same thing, but with LS3/L92 rectangular-port h.

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BES Racing Engines complete Machine Shop service list for all High Performance Racing and Street Engines. From Custom Crate Engines to Pro Stock Racing Engines, BES Racing has you covered. Precision Race Components is proud to introduce our CNC porting service for your 5.3L & 6.2L LT1 cylinder heads! We do offer CNC cylinder head porting for those customers wanting to send their cylinder head castings to us for complete porting, competition 5. Affordably priced port & polish services and we sell new intakes & cylinder heads below summit racing prices. CNC Porting.The Good & Bad. CAD/CAM design services - Let us help you create, enhance or digitize your cylinder head designs. We can reverse engineer your port designs and put them into a CAD file format. Once the data is captured it can then be modified in a number of ways. Service Includes: Precision CNC Porting Customer Supplied Cylinder Head. Applications include: Chevrolet LS1 Aluminum Head, 317 Casting 2001 LQ4, 6.0-liter This service does NOT include Head Casting, Disassembly or Assembly, Precision Multi-Angle Valve Job, or Resurfacing. This is for the Porting Service Only. All other machine work is extra.

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